• 1730
    (about 1730) Matthew is born
  • 1734
    Matthew “boy” is provisioned with a linen shirt. He is enslaved at St. Inigoes alongside Betty, Susan, Bess, and many others. At least some members of this community live in a quarter near Old Chapel Field.
  • 1744
    Matthew is considered an adult laborer, “added for a share” of crops which he can use to feed himself. He probably spends much of his long days cultivating and curing tobacco, which is sold in order to fund the construction of a £745 brick manor house.
  • 1750
    Matthew carries the bricks to build the manor house at Priest’s Point , completed by 1759. He probably told the story often; it is remembered orally until it is written down in 1931.
  • 1759
    (before 1760) Matthew and Betty are married, probably in the chapel at Old Chapel Field.
  • 1760
    Matthew, Betty, Susan, and Bess still live at St. Inigoes, alongside Suckey and fifteen other enslaved persons. They may have lived at the quarters located about a mile south of the Jesuits’ brick house.
Quarters at St. Inigoes, photographed in the 1930s. Each structure would house two families. Image courtesy of the Maryland Historical Trust/Maryland Archaeological Conservation Laboratory.
  • 1768
    (before 1769) Matthew and Betty’s daughter Betty is born. Betty, Jr. and any other children are probably baptized in the chapel at Old Chapel Field.
  • 1769
    Matthew, Betty, and Betty Jr. are members of the Catholic congregation at St. Inigoes, alongside Susan, Abraham, George Mingo, and many others. They probably attend Mass at the chapel in
    Old Chapel Field, and at St. Ignatius Church, once it is completed in 1783.
  • 1804
    runaway Matt” unsuccessfully seeks to claim his freedom from St. Inigoes.
  • 1812
    (before 1812) Matthew passes away, at the reported age of 99. He is likely buried in a segregated, now unmarked grave near St. Ignatius Church.
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